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Do you ever feel satisfied?

I don’t know that many people who seem satisfied. The energy around me often feels like this constant striving, this endless seeking for something that exists just around the corner, over the horizon, in a place that isn’t here and now. There’s a restlessness. The new year brings it out, as we ruminate over all that we do not have, all that we are not yet, and commit that THIS this will be the year when we do better, we GET better.

It’s such a restless energy, this never being satisfied. It’s exhausting because it can't stay in one place, or ever appreciate the moment. It has an appraising eye, searching for something better.

This year, I’d like to be more satisfied. To feel more replete with what I already have. I’ve noticed how often I buy more food, even though there’s some already in the fridge. Or I need a new book, even though there’s a stack to read next to my bed. Or I’ve got to sign up for some course, some class, some experience because THIS is going to be the one where I really figure it all out.