Sound healing to raise your vibration

A Starla Frequency sound bath is a transformational journey to help you live your best life. Inspired by the rhythms of nature and the cycles of the cosmos, the sound healing experience will empower you to shed limiting beliefs, cleanse your chakras + release stuck energy, connect with your intuition, and step into the fullest expression of your soul's purpose. 

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The Starla Frequency Sound Bath 

A sound vibration journey to return you to your highest self, tap into your source of creativity, and connect you more fully to the world around you. 

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How does it work?

A sound bath is a meditative experience where special instruments, including crystal bowls, are tuned to healing frequencies that activate the parasympathetic nervous system, easing the body into an optimal state to release stuck energy.


What will I experience?

People find sound baths deeply relaxing, like taking the ultimate power nap. Many experience powerful internal journeys, insights, and breakthroughs. Every session is unique, and will provide you with exactly what your body needs in that moment.

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Why sound baths?

Sound healing is an ancient modality for transformation, which rebalances the frequency of our cells. Because sound vibrates well in water, and humans are 70% water, this modality can break through long-held blocks in a way that feels gentle, and even magical.

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Feel good

Sound healing for individuals, couples, small groups, events, and corporate wellness

Experience in-person sound healing in your home or office, or take the opportunity to visit my healing den in northeast Los Angeles to completely relax and recharge. All offerings can also be delivered virtually.






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I'm a sound healer, intuitive empath, filmmaker, and keeper of ceremonies.


My personal healing journey has been a beautifully winding path of unlearning, releasing anxiety and depression, and deepening into an embodiment of the divine feminine.


Through sound baths, I connected with ancestors from my matriarchal Italian lineage, and received what I call “Il Regalo”; a gift for using my hands to shift energy, which led me to this incarnation as a sound healer.

I love creating sacred ritual, which elevates life to the extraordinary. My sound baths draw on my passion for  astrology and connecting to cosmic energies, as well as attuning to the vibrations of nature and the elements of air, earth, water and fire.

We are constantly moving towards our destinies, forever forming, even without conscious knowing. Sacred sound is a beautiful companion on that journey, and I am honored to be one of its chosen keepers.

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